Top 18 Best Wholesale Hair Vendors in US | UK | China (2022)

Top 18 Best Wholesale Hair Vendors in US | UK | China | India 2022

In the last post, you will find10920 human hair extensions and wigs companies list. Which companies have good reputation? buy the hair from the factory directly,hair vendors wholesaleorhair distributor? You will get the guide in this post.

As per hair industry report, Top 18 latestwholesale hair vendors in China, USA, UK, and India in this post, and something what you want to know in thehuman hair weave vendorsindustry.

As everyone knows, China is the biggest process base of human hair extensions and wigs in the world, becauseChina manufacture human hairover 100 years history, History of human hair industrialization also have 40 years, the technology is very mature, usually the workmanship is reliable. the human hair extensions and wigs mainly finished products, but few famous brand for wigs and hair extensions in China, they mainly do the OEM brand in China.

Relatively speaking, the Indian is one of biggest source of raw materials in the world, mainly provide the raw hair and Semi-finished products,although Indian also have the finished products factory, but they start late, the technology is not rich, the quality is not stable for high end products. The Origin hair is singleness, the products is only made by local Indian hair. Indian hair is thin and with smell, but the hair is also main raw hair in the hair industry because of the cheaper price.

The UK and US, they are largest terminal market for middle tohigh quality human hair andlace frontal closureproducts, the business base on OEM or B2B, But with the rise of the Internet and the emergence of social media, B2C is gainingmarketshare every year, most terminal customer buy the hair and wigs through the Amazon, Aliexpress or other third-party trading platform.

As per hair industrial report, manufacture Branding has become a trend. the factory online shop will be a best trend from 2020, most of them will be became the mainly retail and small wholesale channel,because the factory outlet online shop have no platform handling cost, they will strengthen brand building, this business way have more competitive forhigh end straight long wigsand hair extensions in future.

Top 5 Wholesale Hair Vendors in China

Wholesale Virgin Hair SuppliersDrop ShippingOEMCustom madeQualityPriceMain business


fsnhair.comYESYESYES★★★★★★★★Human hair extensions, human hair wigs, custom made wigs, hair loss, hair replacement, tools, 3D 5D eye lashes
wholesale virgin human hair bundles, lace closure, full lace wigs, 360, lace front ,Jewish wigs, Men’s toupee, Techno wigs
Miss Rolawww.shenlonghair.comNOYESNO★★★★★★★Human hair extensions, human hair wigs,
wholesale virgin human hair bundles, lace closure, full lace wigs
Rebeccawww.rebeccafashion.comNONONO★★★★★★★Human hair extensions, human hair wigs,
wholesale virgin human hair bundles, lace closure, full cap wigs, machine wigs
Rui Meiwww.ruimeihair.comNOYESNO★★★★★★★Human hair extensions, human hair wigs,
wholesale virgin hair bundles, lace closure, half hand tied wigs, machine wigs
DA DIwww.dadihair.comNOYESYES★★★


Human hair extensions, human hair wigs,
wholesale virgin human hair weave, lace closure, full lace wigs, 360, lace front, machine wigs

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FSN WIGS INC is a traditional factory, FSNWIGS father company is Silvery hair company since 1982, FSNWIGS manufacture the high end human hair wigs and hair extensions since 2002. Through two generations handicraftsman hard word, FSN WIGS service for 1300+ drop ship wholesale customers, 60 OEM brand hair companies, and 3000+/year custom made systems business for hair loss and hair replacement business.

Fsnwigs hair factory stands in front-line among the most affordable virgin hair extensions wholesale.FSN is a wholesale virgin hair factory, custom made wigs factory and High quality human hair extensions factory.

Miss Rola

Founded in 2000, Yuzhou Shenlong Hair Products Co., Ltd. is located in China Yuzhou, Henan. Miss Rola are specialized in the research, production, sales and after-sales of various hair products.


Rebecca Fashion has been insisting on uncompromised quality and constant innovation ever since the 1990s.

We call for everyone to change and show off the better of yourself.

We believe women can look their way feel inside with their unique hairstyles.

We are passionate and strives To provide quality products with cutting-edge designs for women worldwide.

Rui Mei

Henan Ruimei Products Co. Ltdis a collection ofR & D production sales and service for the integration of the hair products joint-stock enterprises, headquartered in Xuchang weidu industrialzone in Henan province.


Xuchang Dadi Industries Co., Ltd located in XuChang, HeNan Province, which is famous for manufacturing and exporting human hair products, ceramics and textile. We are the proud owner of ‘Adorable’ brand, which is registered in China, Nigeria, United States and in the United Kingdom. We are thankful that our export of hair products has successfully exceeded our 2007 sales target of USD 10,000,000.

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Top 5Wholesale Hair Vendors in the USA

Wholesale Virgin Hair in USDrop ShippingOEMCustom madeQualityPrice
Her hairwww.herhaircompany.comYESNO★★★★★★


We at All Virgin Hair Boutique are back and revamped! We want you to reintroduce you to our brand and page!

Her hair

At Her Hair Company, your good hair day is our first priority. As one of the most trusted online-based distributors ofpremium hair extensions, we work tirelessly to consistently provide all of our customers throughout the U.S. with thebest human hair extensionsmoney can buy. That means collecting our Remy hair extensions straight from the source and handling them with the utmost care until they are promptly delivered to you. You will see the difference the minute you open one of our bundles and we know how excited you will be to show it off.


Hair Are Us in an internationally known Hair extension Brand that holds pride in ensuringtop quality human hair to women& Salons worldwide. We understand that a “Woman’s Crown is her Glory” and that each woman has different hair desires. Therefor, our team of hair experts, hand picks a variety of top quality hair extension from suppliers around the world.


SapphireVirgin Hair Extensionsoffers an array of only the best authentic virgin and raw hair extensions. Our quality and texture are superior and incomparable. We are exceptional because we ONLY offer virgin hair with cuticles layers facing the same direction from root to tip. This ensures that your extensions behave like your own hair and guarantees longevity, luster and unbelievable movement.


Virgin Hair Market is a rapid growing hair distribution company. We only offer the finest quality of hair, as well as hair products. Because our virgin hair extensions are imported directly from their country of origin, we are able to provide you with a superior product at a competitive price. With our client-friendly ordering system, outstanding service, and fast delivery our brand has truly advanced into a driving force!

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Top 5Wholesale Hair Vendors in the UK

Wholesale Virgin Hair in UKDrop ShippingOEMCustom madeQualityPrice


We are a vibrant UK business, striving to provide excellent and affordable hair for today’s busy woman. Our mission is to help females around the world feel proudly beautiful.

As a brandwe object theexcessive amounts demanded to achieve luxurious looking hair, and have made it our mission to fight the view that premium quality must have a premium price tag.

Our rapid growth has come about through exemplary servitude and a worldwide family ofambassadorswho share our vision.


Hair Virginity LTD is a UK based company formed in 2012 which specialise invirgin hair extensions. We take pride in providing quality virgin hair extensions and since being established, we have been pleasing ladies everywhere throughout the world, and through ourclients, we have gone ahead to wind up as the UK’s most loved online virgin hair specialist


Established in 2010, Beyond Hair are an exclusive hair extensions retailer based in the heart of London. Our core focus and efforts are in providing the very best Virgin Hair Extensions to todays modern woman. Available in varied textures and colours, their hair is premium quality and sought after by loyal customers, great hair salons and the very best hair stylists worldwide.


Besthairbuy is one of the industries supplying leader inwholesale virgin hair bundles.

As one of the industry leaders in virgin human hair. Over the years, Besthairbuy has grown its capability in research & development, marketing & design as well as a functional shipping & receiving network system to distribute all our products around the globe.


Noxu Hair is a virgin hair company providinghigh quality virgin hair extensions,human hair and curly weavesin the UK.

Noxu has built a reputation for supplying high qualitybrazilian hairextension,Cambodian hair,Peruvian hairand more. We have astrong focus on customer satisfaction so we put everything into supplying you the best quality virgin hair weavesat the best prices, quickly and easily. Customers from London, UK, France, USA and several other countries around the world have enjoyedNoxu Hair’s fast delivery, fiercely competitive prices and bundle deals as well as a great quality service.

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Top 5Wholesale Hair Vendors in India

Wholesale Virgin Hair in IndiaDrop ShippingOEMCustom madeQualityPrice


Established in the year2010,Janani Hair Tradersis engaged in manufacturing and exporting of Weft Hair, Hair Extension, Hair Wig, Virgin Hair, Hair Weave, Single and Double Drawn Hair.

Established by our mentor,Mr. V. Gopi (Proprietor), we have been able to gain a remarkable position in this domain. Owing to his excellent management skills, we have been able to cater to the needs of our valuable customers in the most efficient manner.


Pioneers in the industry, we offer natural straight closure, natural indian temple hair,natural hair weaves extension, hair weave, hair weave extension and bulk natural temple hair from India.


Iris Hair Emporiowas incorporated in the year2015formanufacturingandexportingofCurly Hair, Blonde Hair, Straight Hair Extension, Indian Human Hair, Natural Wavy Hair and much more.Our offered range is highly acknowledged by our clients for their homogeneous quality, attractively designed, skin friendly, shredding proof, tangle free nature and perfect size.


India Hair International (IHI) is one of the largest direct manufacturers and global distributors of premium Indian human hair. With a factory in India and warehouses in the United States IHI can offer you direct access to the finest quality human hair India has to offer.


Our Roadmap starts with our mission, which is durable. It announce our principle as a corporation and provide as the standard touching which we evaluate our proceedings and resolution.

  • To refresh the planet…
  • To encourage instant of cheerfulness and joyfulness…
  • To fashion worth and make a difference.

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