Top 14 Makeup Tips for Redheads ... (2023)


By Heather

Top 14 Makeup Tips for Redheads ... (2)

Makeup tips for redheads are some of the hardest tips to find! I was a redhead for 10 years and I've got to say, finding the right makeup tips for redheads was difficult! So ladies, if you are a ginger, if you are a redhead and you're looking for the right makeup for you, take a look below! I've got the top 10 makeup tips for redheads that actually work and will make your beautiful red tresses stand out beautifully!

1 Show Your Freckles

Redheads should never be ashamed of their beautiful freckles! Freckles are part of the look, so the first makeup tip for a redhead is to be proud of your freckles and show 'em off! Just some light powder or even some mineral foundation (which we'll get into later) is a great way to keep your freckles beautiful!

2 Light Brown Eyeliner

One makeup tip for redheads that I've found that works is brown eyeliner instead of black. Now of course, it all depends on what color red hair you have, if it is natural or not and what type of skin tone you have, but for me, light brown eyeliner was always the best choice when I was a redhead because it's lighter, not too heavy and didn't take away from my red hair.

3 Peaches and Browns for Eyeshadow

If you are looking for some eyeshadow that really works for redheads, peaches and browns is the way to go! Of course, this makeup tip for redheads does depend on your hair color specifically and your skin tone, but peaches always bring out the red and also, your freckles will look ideal with some peach eyeshadow!

(Video) Julianne Moore’s Guide to Flattering Makeup for Redheads | Beauty Secrets | Vogue

4 Plum Shades

Plum shades are some other eyeshadow and even eyeliner shades that work great for redheads. Also, if you have green eyes, like Emma Stone and red hair? Plum is the ideal color for you! Not only will it highlight your beautiful hair, but also your green eyes will pop!

5 Mineral Foundation

Remember when I mentioned mineral foundation? Well ladies, that is by far one of the best foundations for redheads! The reason why I love mineral foundation and why it is one of my top 10 makeup tips for redheads is because it will allow you to show off those awesome freckles!

6 Deep Blushes

Just because you are a redhead doesn't mean you can't wear blush! In fact, deeper brick blushes and crimson blushes are fantastic! Just remember, go a little lighter with how much you put on, use just enough for a beautiful glow!

7 Light Mascara

Mascara is something that can be a little too heavy for most natural redheads, but if you go light on the mascara, you'll still get the length, but not have your lashes weighed down. If you really want your eyes to stand out, just one or two coats and you can even try light brown mascara!

8 Coral Colors

There is a lot of controversy surrounding this makeup tip for redheads. A lot of people believe that coral colors and red hair just doesn't go together, but that's not true! Of course, it all depends on your skin tone as well as the color red you have, but I say that a little coral on your lips or even on your cheeks is a great way to brighten up your face!

9 Earthy Tones

If you are a natural ginger, don't worry ladies, earthy tones are definitely going to be your friend! Lots of greens, browns and deeper tones will really highlight your natural red hair. Also, remember my tip about the freckles, they are beautiful!

10 Lip Glosses

Redheads should remember to keep their lips simple. Just a coat of lip gloss or even a small, soft sheen of lipstick is great! Keep the bold colors for your eyes and cheeks, but tone it down on your lips.

11 Coral Lipstick

Coral lipstick is a pretty generic statement, but I can't tell you which lipstick looks best on you. Get out there and test out the wide variety of "coral" colors that exist. Sure, it goes against the "keep it simple" rule mentioned above, but let's be honest - you don't always want to keep it simple!

(Video) Mary Greenwell: How to do timeless makeup for redheads| Get The Gloss

12 Embrace Your Blond Eyebrows

Stop trying to make your eyebrows something they're not! Embrace the blond beauties on your face. To do this, find a brow tint or pencil that is one to two shades lighter than your natural brow color. Use this to enhance your features, not paint on new ones.

Melissa I have really light blond eyebrows that look invis...

13 Green

I love green on redheads! It looks so great. It's definitely the best color near your eyes, so don't be afraid to go bold! Experiment with all of the different shades out there to make your eyes stand out.

Melissa what if you're a redhead and have green eyes? ...

14 Gold

Gold is a definite go to color for redheads. Using it as an eye shadow or eyeliner every so often is a must! It's great for a night out or maybe, paired with the right makeup, everyday wear. Who doesn't love a little shimmer near their eyes?

These are just a few of my top makeup tips for redheads, but what are some of the makeup tips for redheads that you've found? Do you have any tips that have worked for you? Share 'em!

This article was written in collaboration with editor Lydia Sheehan.

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  • Amy Amy, also a natural ginger, blue eyes and freckles. In my early 50s once upon a time I used to wear brown eyeliner and was asked why my eyelids were so red I quit wearing brown and went to black. I'm really fair skinned so at my age I'm not sure what colors I should wear and must say brown mascara is hard to find where I live. Ty for the interesting info.
  • Melissa #12 I have really light blond eyebrows that look invisible. What color should I use?
  • Melissa #13 what if you're a redhead and have green eyes?
  • Jessica I don't know if there is a shade of eyebrow tint/pencil that is one, no less two shades blonder than my eyebrows. I wear black eyeliner and mascara ( I am 33 and have been wearing black since middle school) because I am scared to try brown or any other color. I recently started embracing my freckles and not wanting to cover them up, but I am so fair skinned finding a color the same as my neck is like... I look like a ghost when I put it on my face. Any and all tips welcome!! I love this article by the way!
  • Redhead I agree with all of these- especially #7. Redheads can pull off black, but sometimes you want a more natural look. Try Redhead Revolution's Gingerlash mascara. They have it in light brown and auburn.
  • Muireann Mary! My name is Muireann, I am 21, a redhead. I met a beautiful woman last weekend named Margot who is 70, and I was admiring her makeup. It was very understated, some light luminous foundation, maybe a little colour on her cheeks. Her eyes were striking! No mascara, no eyeliner, just subtle gold eyeshadow! Really, really beautiful. Her eyes were bright already, and the golden shimmer on her lids was absolutely magic. Try it! I've never seen a young woman wear shimmering shadow as well as her :)
  • Mary I am an "old" natural redhead. I am in my sixties and have recently covered the grays with a dark blonde (looks like my old color of red and very natural). I was born with red hair and have 2 sister with red hair. My eyes are green and my eyelashes and eye brows have always been dark brown/black. My problem is makeup. Because of my age some of the suggestions are a bit young for me. Can anyone help me out on what colors for skin, eye shadow etc, that I should check out, would be helpful.
    • Muireann @Mary Gipp, Mary! My name is Muireann, I am 21, a redhead. I met a beautiful woman last weekend named Margot who is 70, and I was admiring her makeup. It was very understated, some light luminous foundation, maybe a little colour on her cheeks. Her eyes were striking! No mascara, no eyeliner, just subtle gold eyeshadow! Really, really beautiful. Her eyes were bright already, and the golden shimmer on her lids was absolutely magic. Try it! I've never seen a young woman wear shimmering shadow as well as her :)
  • Amelia I have red hair and green eyes. I use a purple eyeliner by Revlon called Purple Reign. It's a deep shade of purple and very flattering.
  • Gabrijela please, which mineral foun. I have to use.. (freckled face) ??
  • Laniparis I'm a natural redhead so I really appreciate these tips. Thank you :)
  • Jeanie What brand would you recommend as the best mineral foundation?
    • Heather Hi! Bare Escentuals has some great products!
  • Alisha What shade of lipstick is best. I am a pale, no freckles, hazel eyes red head with extremely short lashes and deep set eyes. I want to wear red lipstick but am terrified!
    • Heather Hey Alisha! I'd start with something pinky, something that goes well with your lips but isn't too bold right away. :)
  • Coco Lots of great tips, especially let those freckles show! My number one tip for anyone with freckles,not just redheads. Need tips for redheads with dark eyes. I can wear dark liner and lots of mascara, love plums and navy. Navy shadow and liner changed my life!
    • Heather That's awesome Coco!! I absolutely love when women show their freckles, it's a part of their personality! :)
  • Jamie @Heather ...I just purchased light and dark pink eyeshadows in order to try and duplicate a "pink" look I just saw on really looked fabulous !! I sure hope I can pull it off....certain shades gives me that sickly, pink eye look :(
    • Heather Awesome!! :) Let us know how it goes!
  • Jamie I love the purples for my eyes when I really want my green eyes to Pop....but also, especially with Fall upon us, try a deep mauve/burgundy lip color....totally rocks on redheads !!!!!
    • Heather Ditto!! I love the pinks too, they really make my eyes pop. :)
  • Whitney I rock so much brown- it really complements my freckles and eyes. (I have the reddish-brown freckles and light blue eyes, and my skin tone is cool) The best combination I found for the summer was reddish-brown eyeliner, light peach eyeshadow mixed with copper toward the outside of the eye. If you have the reddish freckles, like me, copper tones can be your best friend!
    • Heather That's awesome Whitney! Thanks so much for the comment!!
  • Jada Yay! Finally tips for redheads. I use mineral foundation to let my freckles show !
    • Heather Hey Jada! I'm so glad! I have freckles too and I love 'em! :)
    • Sheila Hey Jada, I love freckles! I bet you look gorgeous :) Thanks for reading!
  • Anonymous Thanks so much this really helps! And, I agree with Kari. I like gold eye shadow with my blue eyes and red hair. I also like green!
    • Heather Awesome! I'm so glad that you liked the tips! And that sounds reallllly pretty! ;)
  • Corrie Wow, I do all of these (natural redhead, with green eyes). Lol but I learned more by trial and error what not to do. EXAMPLES!!! Black eyeliner(or too much black anything) , unless you are a punk rock kid or just like the look, don't do it. It conflicts with the red and looks bad. Maroon eyeshadow, it might look good for some redheads, but not this one. I was going to do an aTm (it's a college) eyeshadow design and put it on for college day, and omg. It was terrible. And personally (this is most likely only me) I dont wear emerald green. I LOVE the color, but I don't like the fact that I remind myself a little too much of christmas.
    • Heather @Corrie Bird, ooo! If I go back to red, I'm definitely going to have to try these tips! Thanks so much for sharing!!
    • Sheila Fantastic tips Corrie! Although I think you should give emerald green a go. It's such a gorgeous color!
  • Kari I'm a natural redhead with blue eyes, and I find that gold eyeshadow is perfect for my red hair/blue eye combo. It really brings out my eyes and adds a touch of sparkle!!
    • Heather Those are great tips!! Thanks so much for sharing Kari!
  • Bre This is such a help, considering I'm a redhead myself.
    • Heather Awesome!! I'm so glad that you liked it. ;)



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