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There isn't any lack of One Piece games on Roblox, and Pixel Piece is one of the popular ones. The game leaves you in a big world with many islands where you can explore and fight a ton of enemies. There are also many weapons and fruits that can aid you during combat.

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While it's already challenging to get your hands on fruits in the game, it's even more difficult to select a good fruit. It can cost a lot of Gold to get a fruit, and you might not be able to get another one for a while if you make the wrong decision, which makes it important to know how useful these fruits are.


Pixel Piece Fruit Tier List

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The mechanics to obtain a weapon and a fruit are completely different in Pixel Piece. Depending on your luck, it might take you a while to get the best fruit. With that in mind, here is a tier list for all the current fruits in the game:


Fruit Name




Ice (Hie)



Flame (Mera)


















Invisible (Suke)






The list is based on the fruit's overall usefulness and value. As more fruits get added to the game and changes are made to the existing ones, the position of these fruits in the list might change.

How To Get Devil Fruit In Pixel Piece

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When you think about a game based on One Piece, Devil Fruits are the first thing that comes to mind. These fruits had a big role to play in the anime, and the same can be said when it comes to this game. Although, getting your hands on these fruits can be much harder in Pixel Piece compared to other similar games.

When you open the game for the first time, you'll be on Starter Island where you'll only find a basic sword and the slowest boat in the game. There won't be any vendors selling fruits in this area. There are only two ways of getting fruits in the game, and the first one is through sheer luck.

Devil Fruits spawn under a random tree on the map once every 30 minutes for public servers, and every hour for private servers. The players in a server don't get notified in any way when these fruits spawn unless you buy a Fruit Notifier using a ton of real money. So, you have to keep an eye on the server time at the top to know when a fruit spawns.

Moreover, these fruits also disappear after a bit if no one picks them up. Essentially, you not only have to beat other players while finding this fruit but also do it within the time limit. Some of these players can also have the Fruit Notifier, which means that they'll be able to see the exact location where the fruit spawns.

Since only one fruit spawns every 30 minutes and it can be anywhere on the map, it's usually not worth looking for them every time. Although, you should go around the island you're currently on and you might just get lucky.

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The second way to get Devil Fruits is by buying them on Central Port island. This island contains a fruit shop that gets restocked every few hours, and you can buy the featured fruits using Gold or Robux. While Robux costs real money, you'll also unlock the fruit permanently if you buy it using this currency.

The problem is that Central Port is the farthest island from the starter island. If you've just started playing the game, you'll only have access to the Rowboat, which has an extremely low speed. The islands in Pixel Piece are also far away from each other, and it can take you a lot of time to get here.

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If you want to find this island, head in the South direction from the starter island. You can see the direction you're heading in at the top of your screen. While going South, you'll eventually stumble upon Orange Town island. Once you get here, turn a little to the right and keep heading South-Southwest.

Upon finding Central Port, you can find the fruit shop that looks like the picture above. You don't have to climb any stairs to find it since it's located on the lowest level. Enter the room and turn left to find five pedestals holding the current fruits.

All Devil Fruit Abilities

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It can be quite hard to choose the fruit you want when you don't know what its abilities are. Here's a table that can help you out with that:

Fruit Name

Ability Name



Smooth Floor

This ability allows you to skate through the ground on a smooth surface. It starts slow, but you'll move at high speed after a couple of seconds.

Smooth Push

Use the same smooth surface to push the enemies in front of you and deal damage to them.

Invisible (Suke)

Self Invisible

Upon activating this skill, your character becomes invisible and you won't be detected by the enemies and other players during this time.

Party Invisible

As the name suggests, this ability makes all the members of your party invisible except you.



Your character will launch three projectiles in the direction you're aiming for, and your health will be regenerated if these projectiles hit an enemy and they take damage.


Once this ability is activated, your character will start crying. This will heal nearby party members but deplete your health.


Gives you a shield that increases your stun resistance heavily. This can be useful if you're fighting a boss with constant stun abilities.


Bomb Shot

Throws a bomb at the target location that deals damage to enemies in a small area.

Bomb Rush

When you activate this ability, your character will charge up for a second and then launch to the target direction, dealing damage to enemies around your initial position.

Bomb Booster

This ability lets you shoot explosions out of your hand to fly freely until your stamina runs out. If you're familiar with Bakugo from My Hero Academia, you'll love this one.

Bomb Destruct

Your character will turn into a nuke, dealing damage to itself and the surrounding enemies in a large area.


Spinning Assault

When this skill is activated, your character will constantly spin around and move forward unless you change your direction. This ability deals constant damage to the surrounding enemies, but it can be hard to control.

Spinning Flight

Your legs will stretch out and start spinning constantly, allowing you to fly in any direction until your stamina runs out.

Spinning Disaster

This is a buffed version of Spinning Assault where the player becomes a tornado, dealing heavy damage to the surrounding enemies.


Kilo Walk

Activate this ability and run in any direction while your character constantly stomps its feet on the ground. This will damage all the nearby enemies.

Kilo Crash

Your character will smash the ground with their feet three times when this ability is activated. The area of the third stomp will be the highest, and all the enemies within the radius of this skill will take damage.

Kilo Rise

This ability gives an umbrella to your character that can be used to fly freely.

Kilo 1,000kg

You need to use the Rise ability and go high up to use 1,000kg. Once activated, your character stomps on the ground dealing damage within a small area.

Kilo 10,000kg

This is a buffed version of 1,000kg, your character will deal more damage in a larger area with this skill.

Kilo Force

You can use your basic melee attacks when a devil fruit is equipped, and this ability buffs the damage of these attacks when activated.

Flame (Mera)

Flame Snap

A flame appears on your character's hand when this ability is activated, and you can throw it at the designated location at any point.

Flame Flight

Use the ability of flame to fly until your stamina runs out.

Shinka Shiranui

Upon activating this ability, your character will fly in the air and smash the ground after a second, dealing damage to enemies in an area. This ability can be aimed at any location.

Flame Repulse

Your character will fly a little above the ground and constantly use flames from their feet, dealing damage and stunning the enemies below.


Throw a ball of flame at any location dealing damage in a decent area.

Hono No Hashira

When this ability is activated, a flame pillar is summoned in front of you. This pillar keeps going forward as long as you hold the skill, dealing damage to enemies around it.

Dai Enkai Entei

This ability spawns a ball on your head that grows in size if you keep holding the skill button. When it's released, the ball deals damage in an area for some time depending on its size.

Ice (Hie)

Ice Hawk

As the name suggests, throw an ice hawk in the designated area that goes in a straight line, dealing damage to enemies in its way.

Ice Spears

You can summon an ice spear at any location using this ability.

Ice Hammer

When this ability is activated, a giant hammer is formed on your head, and it deals damage in an area near you after a second.

Ice Stomp

Your character will stomp the ground, creating a giant ice wall in front that deals massive damage to the enemies.

Frozen Time

An ice structure is created around your character, freezing and damaging all the enemies that are hit.

Ultimate Stomp

This is a buffed version of Ice Stomp, and it spawns three large walls in a triangular shape whenever this is used.

Ice Ice

This ability lets your character skate on ice.

A lot of devil fruits have a flight/skate ability in Pixel Piece, but they can only be used when you're not in a safezone. A safezone is symbolized by a shield on your character's chest, and you won't even be able to use abilities that don't deal damage in this area.

Moreover, you have to press the forward button again after you start using the flight mechanic even if you were holding forward before starting the skill.

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