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Brows & Lash Review

I'm just getting back to you about the LVL Lash Conditioner (we spoke on the 'phone when my lashes had been lifted incorrectly, not by you, and were in a real mess.)

This really did help to condition my lashes, but it also helped to 'relax' the curl for a couple of hours at a time, so it instantly made them look a little better. They're just starting to grow out now, so are not as crazy looking as they were.

I wanted to thank you for spending time talking with me on the 'phone. I really appreciate it! I know that they're 'only' eyelashes, but our appearance is important to us ladies isn't it! I wish you were local, I would definitely get my treatments done withyou! Lynn

Massive thank you Heather for introducing me to Lilash, I have seen such an improvement in the length & thickness of my lashes in just one month!
Lilash combined with your amazing HD Brow & Lash treatments has made me feel flawless, even with no makeup on @natalielloyd14

The Browtec pencil is my favourite brow product of all time ❤ - Sophie

I absolutely LOVE my Browtec Foxy pencil. So easy to use, makes getting ready quicker which is so useful when you have small kids. - Sarah

“Absolutely love my lashes!! 💖 I hadn’t seen my before picture till today and I can’t believe the difference! Im stunned! I would highly recommend lilash eyelash growth serum! Now one of my beauty essentials! 🙌 thank-you@tlc_beautytherapyXx” - Ellie

"I absolutely love my HD brows! I always enjoy getting my brows done by Heather, it is such a treat and so relaxing! Heather takes her time and ensures that the colour and shape of my brows match my face and they are always perfect . I have waited over a year to let my eyebrows grow and what a difference HD brows have made! I have had so many compliments and can't wait to get them done again. Thanks Heather!!"

"My eyebrows have been completely transformed by Heathers amazing work! Highly recommend anyone looking for HD Brows to go to Heather at a great price and in a lovely atmosphere" - Marisa

Thank you so much Heather, I totally love my beautiful, fluttery LVL lashes. So pleased with the result and no need for mascara. It is a must have treat. I just love my time with you and experience during the treatments. 😘XX - Victoria

"This was the first time I have visited Heather after looking for a HD Brow Therapist everywhere! She talks through the process thoroughly and a lot of time is spent to make sure they turn out just right. I also had LVL lashes and couldn't be more pleased with how they turned out & don't feel as though I would need false eyelashes ever again. I will definitely be returning to Heather for further treatments! Thank you ❤️" - Christi

"First time visiting TLC Beauty Therapy. Heather was great and the manicure and pedicure look amazing.
I also had LVL lashes done, Heather talked through the process and my lashes at the end of the treatment look incredible! I will not be going back to false eyelashes again!
Thank you Heather, I will be back" Jess

"Amazing beauty therapist! Absolutely love my eyebrows! Want to book again already I felt so relaxed :) Thank you Heather" - Kirsty

"I had been wanting HD eyebrows for a while so I left my eyebrows to grow, saw really good reviews i was really impressed with them from the start, had them done twice now I'll never go back they have made such a difference I love them. Heather is really friendly and it is a really relaxed environment would highly recommend x" - Paige

"This morning was my very first HD Brows experience,I have red hair & had very pale shapeless eyebrows. Heather (very lovely lady) has totally transformed them, I'm beyond happy & have already booked my next appointment! Thank you Heather x" - Jo

"I wouldn't trust anyone else with my eyebrows and lashes - you're the best Heather x" - Helen

"I had LVL and a bikini wax. Heather was brilliant and put my mind at ease for both. My eyelashes look absolutely amazing, I'm really happy with the results. I'll be returning as a regular, highly recommended"

"ove my new brows. Amazing results, will definitely be back. Thank you" - Stacey

"My eyebrows have been completely transformed by Heathers amazing work! Highly recommend anyone looking for HD Brows, go to Heather at a great price and in a lovely atmosphere." - Marisa

"I cannot recommend Heather highly enough! Heather has been fine tuning my eyebrows for over three years and the results are incredible! I'm always quite particular about the shape I want to achieve - sometimes I want to change it a bit - and Heather always listens to give me the look I am after. Or, if ever I'm a bit unsure, Heather will suggest ideas and we work together.. Oh and just on a pure pamper level - the treatment rooms are the ultimate in ambient and chilled - an absolute treat to just be there!" - Leah

"Absolutely brilliant results!! Love my HD Brows and LVL Lashes!! What a great combination, so pleased!! If you're thinking ... stop thinking and book an appointment :-)" - Natasha

"Having suffered with Trichotillomania, nice eyebrows are something I've never had. After just one visit I have beautiful thick brows which I can't believe are mine! Thanks Heather, I feel more confident X" - Amy

"Very pleased with my HD brows! Exactly what I was after. Heather was a true perfectionist with them. A lovely and relaxed atmosphere too, excited to book in for my next treatment!" - Chloe

"I am no longer a HD virgin! Absolutely love my new HD Brows. Thank you so much Heather for your professionalism and taking so much time to perfect them. xx" - Tania

"I have been coming to heather for 3 years now. I shout about her HD brows from the rooftops to everyone I can because they are utterly fantastic. When I first starting coming to heather my brows had potential but were a lost cause. After years of HD they have blossomed with heathers expert touch every month, she never fails to deliver on absolute perfection. I sometimes have to go elsewhere because she is so oversubscribed if I don't book on time and I am always disappointed with other salons. Excellent friendly service with a smile and always accommodating. Heather, never ever stop doing eyebrows because I will be doomed!! Thank you x" - Emily

"Love, love love my new HD Eyebrows. You have worked wonders on my challenging brows. Thank you so much Heather :-)" - Annabel

"Loving my HD Brows, thanks Heather xx"

"Fantastic HD Brows, I love them and also love my Jessica Nails. Cannot wait to try something else. Thank you xx" - Charlotte

"Thank you for my HD Brows they are great, I love them. Would definitely recommend. Had some fab comments, looking forward to my next visit already xx" - Anna

"After abandoning my brows for several months I decided to book in for HD brows. So pleased with the results received :) Professional as always. Looking forward to having LVL done again for the second time. Thank you! X" - Becki

"My lashes and my nails look fab! Pampered from top to toe xxx" - Helen

"I've never had my eyebrows professionally done and i decided i must give it a go. After reading fantastic reviews on here i decided to give Heather a go and I'm over the moon with them! Heather has a lovely welcoming place and really put me at ease talking through the process and also having general chit chat. Really am impressed. Thank you and I'll be back in 4-6 weeks! x" - Emma

"I love my HD Brows, Heather has done an amazing job - I've gone from plucking them 3 times a day and barely having any brows to fabulous HD Brows. Thanks Heather x" - Nicola

"This is the amazing eyebrow lady! xx" - Emma

"I LOVE my HD Brows. They've made me feel more confident and my boyfriend even noticed the difference! Highly recommended. Thank you xx" - Rachel

"LVL Lashes, I've had them done for 2 weeks now and they still look fantastic, with or without mascara!! Several people have commented" - Claire

"Really happy with my LVL Lashes, actually gone out of the house without mascara today which was a first!! Nice treatment and would definitely recommend it! Thank you" - Michaela

"Wow, these LVL Lashes are fantastic. I feel so glamorous, I'm definitely having them done again before my holidays" - Claire

"Really pleased with my LVL Lashes, your attention to detail is like no other! x" - Sam

"Thank you so much Heather, I love my HD Brows and LVL Lashes" - Laura

"Fantastic HD Brows, I love them! Can't wait to come and have my LVL Lashes done" - Laura

"I love my LVL Lashes. Thanks you so much, can't wait to have more treatments x" - Helen

"Thanks so much Heather absolutely love my LVL Lashes! Look great with or without mascara too!" - Jo

"Hi.. I have been using the eyelash serum for a while now..I am lucky enough to have long eyelashes naturally but using the serum just gives them that extra curl and fullness....absolutely love this product xxx" - Janette

" WOW - amazing facial and HD Brows, thanks. Heather is such a professional and meticulous Beauty Therapist, I would highly recommend her" - Kate

"Gorgeous nails and HD Brows. Look and feel so much better, thanks Heather" - Jo

"Love my HD Brows! Thank you so much xx" - Olivia

"HD Brows are a big hit for me. As always feel great after them. I also had some eyelashes put on today, natural and beautiful!!! Thank you Heather! xx" - Rachel

"My lashes are gorgeous, thank you so much xx" – Su

"I absolutely love my HD brows and Heather took so much time and care to make sure they were just what I wanted. Big thank you." – Michele

"I am officially beautified thanks to the amazing Heather Rothera.....ABSOLUTELY LOVE my HD Brows!!! Even treated myself to the HD Brows Eyebrow Palette so I can keep them looking fab!" – Sara

"Amazing HD brows as always, thanks Heather xxx" – Emma

"Love my lashes, just what I wanted." – Liz

"Love my HD brows Heather xx" – Lynda

"Loves loves loves my HD eyebrows, I never come away disappointed, Thank you TLC xx" – Donna

"HD Brows, I highly recommend them by Heather xx" - Linda

"Highly recommend TLC Beauty Therapy! Heather is so welcoming & professional! She understood what I wanted from my brows and by the time I drove home I felt fantastic, constantly glancing in my rear view mirror to check out my immaculate HD Brows! Already booked in for my next session! X" - Jill

"I have never had HD eyebrows done before, simply because I thought I'd look silly being so blonde... however as soon as I saw them in the mirror I was over the moon with the outcome!! Heather achieved exactly what I wanted. She was so lovely and professional, going through each step with me and even when she had finished wouldn't let me leave until she was 100% happy with the outcome!! I am over the moon with how my eyebrows look now, feel a lot more confident. I will 100% be recommending Heather to my family and friends xxxx" - Kerrie

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