35 Cool Long Haircuts For Boys in 2023 (2023)

As a popular trend, long haircuts for boys are versatile, stylish and low-maintenance styles that can elevate and transform his look. If you’re struggling to experiment with a new cut, these awesome longer boy’s hairstyles can be combined with different textures to create a handsome look that will suit any occasion.

Some boys will want long hair on top with a shorter cut on the sides and back for an easy finish, while others may prefer a medium-length style that flows for a bold edgy vibe.

To inspire you, we’ve compiled examples of the best long boys haircuts. From modern to classic options, explore these trendy hairstyles for boys with long hair to find a cool look.

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  • 1 Long Hairstyles For Boys
    • 1.1 Man Bun
    • 1.2 Top Knot
    • 1.3 Long Wavy Hair
    • 1.4 Thick Medium Length Styles
    • 1.5 Long Hair with Bangs
    • 1.6 Ponytail
    • 1.7 Long Curly Hair
    • 1.8 Shoulder Length Haircut
    • 1.9 Middle Part
    • 1.10 Afro
    • 1.11 Layered Cut
    • 1.12 Dreadlocks
    • 1.13 Messy Hair
    • 1.14 Long Straight Hair
    • 1.15 Textured Shag with Bangs
    • 1.16 Twists
  • 2 How To Grow Out Boys’ Hair
  • 3 How To Cut Long Boys’ Hair
  • 4 How To Style Long Boys’ Hair

Long Hairstyles For Boys

Man Bun

The man bun is a stylish long hairstyle for boys who prefer an effortlessly cool vibe. While often attributed to hipsters, the style is also common with kids who like a simple and trendy look. The casual bun allows boys to wear their long hair up or down, offering a low-maintenance and easy option for school and sports. To achieve it, just tie your locks into a bun at the back of the head. The more disheveled the bun, the more rugged the style.

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Top Knot

The top knot is a low-maintenance style that makes a bold fashion statement and can show off a modern look. The top knot hairstyle can be a practical way to move hair back and out of the way for safety when playing sports or tinkering with a bicycle. It’s just like a man bun, but the bun rests at the very top of the head rather than the back. Medium to long hair is ideal for this style, but it’s possible to pull off the look with shorter locks.

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35 Cool Long Haircuts For Boys in 2023 (5)

Long Wavy Hair

Long wavy hair is a cute style that was all the rage back in the 1970s. Wavy hairstyles can take your look to the next level with a beautiful beachy finish. Waves are popular with boys who like the rebellious rock-and-roll look as well as with those who prefer fewer trips to the barber’s chair. Any boy with naturally wavy hair can rock this style.

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35 Cool Long Haircuts For Boys in 2023 (7)

Thick Medium Length Styles

Thick medium-length hairstyles are a popular trend for boys who want more styling options. This style involves growing the hair out to a moderate length that usually falls somewhere between the earlobes and shoulders. It can be personalized with a side part and/or fringe, and the addition of choppy layers will add movement and volume to thick hair.

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Long Hair with Bangs

Long hair with bangs is a timeless style that can suit any occasion and look. Bangs and layers draw attention to the eyes, which can have a slimming effect. Boys who struggle with upkeep will appreciate this look because it looks best when it’s a little unkempt. There are several ways to wear it, including a standard blunt cut with piecey fringe or even a side-swept style.

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The classic ponytail is a functional hairstyle for little boys who may need a transitional look when growing out their hair. The ponytail is a stylish look that can be useful when participating in sports or hobbies. Ponytail can be worn low for formal events, and it can be worn in a half-up, half-down style for a look that’s edgier and more daring.

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Long Curly Hair

Long curly hair is a cool and youthful look that will stand the test of time. The natural textured look continues to become more popular for boys and men alike as it requires very little maintenance, and aside from the occasional trim, trips to the stylist can be minimized. Frizz can be an issue in humid weather, so boys who like this look will do well to keep pomades, gels, or mousses designed to tame frizz and define curls on hand.

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35 Cool Long Haircuts For Boys in 2023 (14)

Shoulder Length Haircut

A shoulder length haircut is perfect for kids who want an edgy style that reflects their personality. Boys who have straight hair might choose a center part with curtain bangs, while those who have wavy hair might fare better with a layered cut designed to improve their natural texture. Medium curly hair can be a bit tricky since the curls are naturally more buoyant, but boys who like the full voluminous look can pull it off effortlessly.

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Middle Part

The middle part is a classic hairstyle for boys who want to add some personality to their look. This style looks best with straight or slightly wavy hair, and it can provide plenty of versatility. For example, a middle part with a low ponytail looks clean and attractive, so it’s perfect for a formal event. On the other hand, a slightly mussed appearance offers a rebellious rock-and-roll vibe.

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The afro is a fashionable choice for black boys who to stand out with their natural hair. As a popular trend, the longer the hair, the more voluminous the afro becomes. It’s a very forgiving style that requires infrequent trims, but it does require maintenance in the form of moisturizing and scalp care since it can dry out relatively quickly. Otherwise, all this style requires is a little shaping in the morning to look its best throughout the day and night.

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35 Cool Long Haircuts For Boys in 2023 (20)

Layered Cut

The layered cut is another versatile option that works with virtually any hair type and texture. Layers can alleviate some of the weight associated with long and thick hair, and boys who have fine hair can utilize layers to add movement and volume. Short choppy layers create a youthful textured look while longer layered styles offer a more mature look with a soft touch. This cut also lends itself well to the tousled look that continues to grow in popularity with boys and men alike.

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Dreadlocks are a cool and versatile style that offer a low-maintenance option. While there are many styles, dreads can be personalized almost endlessly to suit any boy’s look. Small dreads paired with clear edges take on a clean-cut look. Larger dreadlocks are associated with peace, love, and good vibes. To customize further, you can even opt for blonde, brown or black locs.

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Messy Hair

Messy hair continues to be a fashionable trend for boys who can’t be bothered to spend time with their hair every day. Boys who have thicker, more textured hair will find it to be relatively low maintenance since it tends to be unruly on its own. Boys who have fine, straight hair will likely find that it’s more difficult to get the modish look, but a few expertly placed layers can help. This style works with all hair lengths but is especially popular with medium and long cuts.

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Long Straight Hair

Long straight hair is incredibly versatile, making it a popular choice that will always look casually cool. From the classic low ponytail to the rugged and masculine man bun, there are many long hairstyles for guys with straight hair. Great with layers, a fringe or all one length, you can choose any style for a trendy look.

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Textured Shag with Bangs

The textured shag has always been a cool hairstyle for kids who want a fun and casual look. While the style started back in the 1970s, the shaggy look has made a comeback in recent years and can help show off your rebellious rock-and-roll side without being over-the-top. Stylish with medium-length hair that has been cut with choppy layers, it pairs well with several fringe styles.

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Twists are slightly simpler takes on classic braids, and they are better suited for younger boys who want the look of braids without the maintenance and upkeep. They are ideal for afro-textured hair, and while they work with any hair length, longer hair allows for more definition in each individual twist. There are dozens of different variations, including popular ones like finger twists, flat twists, twist-outs, and the classic two- and three-strand twists just to name a few.

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How To Grow Out Boys’ Hair

Boys’ hair grows at different rates depending on factors like age, health, diet, and even genetics. While going from a very short cut to shoulder-length hair can take upward of two years, there are some helpful hints and expert advice that can make this process simpler, less awkward, and perhaps even a little faster.

The first step in growing long, luxurious locks is to make sure that the hair and scalp are healthy. This starts with a healthy and balanced diet that includes a broad range of vitamins and nutrients. Some of the best vitamins for healthy hair growth include fish oil, zinc, B-vitamins, vitamin C, iron, and vitamin D. Taking an age-appropriate multivitamin is always an option, but it is always better to get vitamins and minerals from food.

The American Academy of Dermatology recommends concentrating shampoo on the scalp, even as the hair grows longer. Shampoo can dry the length of the hair, which can cause split ends and breakage that can make hair growth more difficult. They also recommend utilizing conditioner after every shampoo and concentrating it on the ends of the hair. You’ll want to make sure the hair is protected from the sun and water. The UVA/UVB rays and the chlorine in the water can sap moisture from the hair, making it brittle and dry.

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How To Cut Long Boys’ Hair

Many stylists and caregivers agree that cutting long boys’ hair can be quite a bit simpler than cutting short hair, but this depends on the style. Blunt cuts are incredibly easy to maintain, but choppy styles and those with layers can be a bit trickier. Whether at home, the barber or salon, it’s important to trim hair regularly. Long hair requires less frequent trims – about every eight weeks – while short hair should be trimmed every four to six weeks to look its best.

To cut your boy’s hair at home, make sure to completely detangled his locks and divide it into three separate horizontal sections. The top two sections should be clipped up and out of the way for now; the bottom section will be cut first.

Draw a comb through the length of the hair in the middle of the section, then make the first snip at the desired length. Then, move to the left or right, draw the comb through the hair, and make a cut that is even with the first. Repeat this process until the entire section of hair has been cut, then let down the center section and begin again. At the end of this process, you will have provided the perfect at-home trim.

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How To Style Long Boys’ Hair

Styling long boys’ hair is quite a bit different from styling shorter looks, but it’s also simpler. You can place a side or center part and allow the hair to fall naturally, which is by far the most common option. You might opt to tie the hair back into a classic ponytail, or you could style it into a man bun or top knot. If you are especially skilled, and if the hair is long enough, you can even create twists or dreadlocks. For different styles, or to leave styling in the hands of a professional, simply make an appointment with a trusted barber or stylist.

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