15 Best Star Wars Toys And Gifts For Kids In 2022 (2023)

If you or your child loves the Star Wars franchise, we have compiled a list of the best Star Wars toys for you. Star Wars is one of the most iconic movie franchises and has a huge fan base worldwide. Many fans love cosplaying as the popular characters during Comic Con and Halloween due to the exciting costumes and storyline.Star Wars fans love souvenirs such as games, accessories, t-shirts, watches, and more. Our list of toys can be a great addition to your collection. Your child can enjoy imaginative playtime with these toys, and it can help improve parent-child bonding. So, read on to know more about the toys and features to choose the right one.In this MomJunction post, we give you a list of the best Star Wars toys to buy.

15 Best Star Wars Toys

1. Star Wars Roaring Chewbacca Wookiee Sounds Mask

The electronic mask lets you roar like Chewbacca. It comes with a movable chin that makes a ‘raaar’ sound once you open your mouth. The mask is designed with attention to detail and is best suited for costume parties or Halloween. It fits well for varied head shapes and sizes. The Star Wars toy can be gifted to both children and adults who love the Chewbacca Wookiee character and the series.Pros

Easy to use Entertaining for kids and adults both Designed with intricate details Sounds are realistic


Might be a big tight for bigger heads Some find it is not really comfortable

2. Star Wars Scream Saber Lightsaber Toy

Your child can enact their favorite Star Wars scenes with this electronic lightsaber toy. It comes with three modes of sound and also lets you record your voice. The toy is ideal for children aged four and above and is designed well with easy-to-use buttons to play and record sounds. The lightsaber toy encourages children to have fun and indulge in imaginative role-play with their friends and family. Check out this video on YouTube for a detailed understanding of the product.Pros

Great for pretend battle Extends well Folds down so easy to store Well built and sturdy


Some might find the sounds to be a bit loud Older kids might not enjoy it as much as younger ones

3. Star Wars The Rise Of Skywalker

The 3.75in Sith Trooper toy figure comes with five accessories, which are different weapons. The action figure has movable hands and legs, along with realistic details on it. Made with premium-quality materials, it is a sturdy and durable Star Wars toy that can be used for display or as a play toy. It makes an ideal choice as a collectible and a gift.Pros

Suitable for children aged three and above Comes with realistic detailing Nice for displaying Comes in a box that is useful for storing


Some find the action figure’s hands a bit small Can be a choking hazard for younger kids due to small parts

4. Star Wars Darth Vader Action Figure

The action figure of Darth Vader measures six inches and comes with an accessory. It is designed with in-depth details of the character, including the mask and cape. Darth Vader is one of the most popular characters of the series, and a fan would love to have it as a souvenir. The toy is suitable for children aged four and above. It comes in a well-packed box that is ready to gift.Pros

Removable blade Great for expanding the collection Durable Nice colors


Joints might feel a little tight for some Lightsaber may not light up

5. Star Wars The Black Series Chewbacca & C-3PO Toys

You get two figurines of the Star Wars series, Chewbacca and C-3PO, in this pack. They are made with premium-quality materials and are designed with intricate details. These action figures have four articulated limbs and are highly posable. It comes with accessories specially curated for this pack. It is suitable for children aged four and above and comes in a ready-to-gift box. If you want to know more about this product, check out this video on YouTube.Pros

Movie -based character inspired accessories Good for imaginative play Great for display Easy to assemble


May not come with light-up eyes Colors may appear dull to some

6. Star Wars AT-AT Angry Birds Battle Game

The building block set contains 21 blocks, 12 figures, eight AT-AT pieces, and a lightsaber launcher. You need to build a battle game and use the launcher to hit the opponent’s pigs with your angry birds. It is an interesting Star Wars toy set that any child would be interested in playing with. The game encourages the imaginative and creative thinking skills of your child.Pros

Age-appropriate Keeps children busy for hours Good for teaching kids geometrical shapes Catapult works well


May be a little time-consuming to assemble Some find it smaller than expected

7. Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures

The pack contains three Star Wars droid characters, d-o, BB-8, and R2-D2. Two figures are five-inch in size, and children can play a racing game using them. These figures are inspired by the movie Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. All you need to do is pull the threads sideways and leave them, and the toy will spin by themselves. It is an innovative set of toys that children can have fun with.Pros

Good detailing Unique look Suitable for gifts Can be used as cake toppers


May be smaller than expected Smaller parts may come off easily

8. Star Wars Playskool Galactic Heroes

The pack brings you one special action hero figure along with a fighter jet or a vehicle, along with two projectiles. The size of the figures is just right to fit well in the small hands of children when playing. The figure of the hero can be placed in the cockpit of the fighter vehicle too. It is a quality toy from the Star Wars collection that your child can have as a gift on a special day.Pros

Well detailed Good for imaginative play Sleek design Easy to assemble


Some feel that the wings pop off easily Pieces may come apart with rough play

9. Star Wars The Last Jedi Collectible Stormtrooper Figure

The six-inch tall figure is inspired by Star Wars: The Last Jedi movie. The figure is made of high-quality material, and its four limbs are articulated. It also comes with two accessories in hands. The Star Wars figurine has been designed neatly with highlighted features on it. It is of premium quality and can be an appropriate choice as a gift to any Star Wars fan. Also, it can be used to promote imaginative play in kids.Pros

Great detailing Good gifting option Weapons are realistic Sturdy


Some may find it difficult to make the figurines stand on their own due to weight Some might find getting the shield on the arm of the figure a little difficult

10. Star Wars Remote Control D-O Rolling Toy

The electronic D-O rolling toy comes from the Star Wars collection to ley your kids have a little fun at home. It comes with a remote control that helps you move the toy and makes it spin. You can even move the toy’s head in different directions. The toy lets you recreate the instances from the Star Wars series by using your imagination. You can give it to children aged five years and above.Pros

Comes with electronic droid sound Toy can perform 360-degree spins Great for imaginative play Good detailing


Some may find that the toy tips easily Antenna may not stay in its place

11. Star Wars Galactic Heroes The Last Jedi Kylo Ren and Tie Silencer Vehicle

The Star Wars figurine Kylo Ren comes along with the super vehicle named Tie Silencer. The action figure measures 2.5 inches and is appropriate for any child to play. It is easy to fit the toy in the vehicle and remove too. It even has launch projectiles to have an exciting game. The toy is designed well with highlighted details on it and is suitable for children who are aged three and above.Pros

Realistic action figurine Can keep little ones busy for hours Great gift for Star Wars fan Size is good


Some do not like the interchangeable arms Small kids might find assembling a little tricky

12. Star Wars The Vintage Collection Imperial Combat Assault Tank

If your child is a fan of Star Wars and its power-packed vehicles, then this combat assault tank pack could be a good choice as a gift. It measures 13 inches in length and also includes nine accessories. The Star Wars vehicle replica toy is made with in-depth details on it and can be put into the display collection. It is made of high-quality materials and is a sturdy and long-lasting toy.Pros

Includes movable turrets, tracks and hatch Lots of space for putting figures Movie-inspired design Good paint work


Some feel that the toy could have included a pilot figure Might have sharp edges

13. Star Wars The Mandalorian Rocket Gauntlet

Children who like Nerf toys can be gifted with this dart-launching toy inspired by the Star Wars series. It comes with six darts that can be launched by pushing the press or launch button. The toy can be worn on the hand for easy and quick launching of darts. The gauntlet could also be a good addition to the Star Wars toys collection.Pros

Good for imaginative play Good accessory to go with kid’s halloween costume Easy to use Shots are consistent


Figuring out the strap can take some time Younger kids might need help in figuring out how to aim

14. Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures First Order Driver & Treadspeeder

The pack contains the figurine of the iconic character Storm trooper along with his power-packed vehicle. It is five inches in size and has fine details on it. The hands and legs of the figurine are movable, and it can be made to sit on the vehicle too. The vehicle has rugged features inspired by the one from the Star Wars movie. Any child or teen who follows the series would like to have this toy.Pros

Features a launching projectile Has good crash effects Well made Easy to use


Some pieces may fall off at times Getting the figure on a bike might seem a little difficult to some

15. Star Wars The Mandalorian Cara Dune

Cara Dune is one of the popular characters of Star Wars Galaxy. This toy of Cara Dune is 3.75 inches in sizeand comes with two weapons as accessories. It has a detailed design on it along with articulate features. The toy is made of premium-quality materials and is safe to play with. Your child can either put it in the collection or enjoy a role-play imaginative game with friends.Pros

Highly posable Good for collectors across all age group Thick action figure Not carbonized


Some feel the hips joints could have been better May not allow swapping heads

Tips To Choose The Best Star Wars Toys

You cannot pick a random Star Wars toy and gift it to anyone. There are some tips to consider when buying.

You can ask the child about their favorite Star Wars character and then pick the action figure. If the child likes to build Lego blocks and likes to watch Star Wars, then an ideal gift would be a Lego Star Wars set. Irrespective of the Star Wars toy you are buying, it is essential to check its quality. The toy should be made of premium-quality materials, and it should be durable and safe. Pick a toy as per the age of the child. If they are too young, say three-year-old or below, then do not choose a toy that has small pieces that young children tend to keep in their mouths. Also, you can compare the features and price of the toy and select the one that seems most appropriate for your child.

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